Data Analytics Solution

React Native

Collecting and storing raw process data has become an integral part of any plant operation. This raw data has huge untapped potential for business insights. The challenges arise when transforming raw data into information and meaningful business insights that is ready for consumption.

Partnering with Seeq, we are able to deliver a powerful advanced data analytics application to our clients that is dedicated to process data analytics which empowers and enables our client’s engineers and process experts to make use of the data they have collected in their historians such as OSIsoft PI, Aspentech IP 21, Honeywell PHD and others, with the capability to also combine data from other data systems and applications. Seeq then leverages features built on Big Data and Machine Learning to contextualize and cleanse the data so that the engineers and subject matter experts can investigate and quickly find valuable insights that improve the bottom line and deliver a huge impact to the organization by increasing efficiency, quality, and profitability.

Seeq can be used for root cause analysis, predictive analysis, production reports and many other applications such as predictive maintenance for asset uptime and availability.


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