Plant Information Management System (PIMS)

React Native

Plant Information Management System (PIMS) collects and integrates information about a production process from different sources.

One of our major solutions in this area is the OSIsoft PI Data Historian System. The PI system can efficiently record huge amounts of data from process control systems such as DCS, PLC and other data systems into a compressed time series database. You can connect your data sources to one or more PI Interface nodes. The interface nodes get the data from your data sources and send it to the PI Server.

OSIsoft offers powerful tools that enable you to access, interact and visualize the data you have collected, these tools are:

  • PI Vision
  • PI Datalink
  • PI ProcessBook

You can also access third-party applications using the following PI System connection tools:

  • PI Connectors
  • PI Interfaces
  • PI Developer Technologies

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