Real Time Dashboards

React Native

Real-Time dashboards are custom data dashboards that visually track, analyze and display key performance indicators (KPIs). These dashboard can be used to display real-time data that is updated at a specified rate or can also display historic data or even a combination of both Dashboards consist of trends, reports, graphics and tables which contain time-sensitive data.

Collecting process data is key for making critical business decisions as well as running day to day business operations. Expanding the reach of this data to the greatest number of users while providing the proper solution to make the most use out of the data will ultimately facilitate important business and operations decisions.

CSS develops web-based applications with real-time dashboards; our MIND application is a web-based application that empowers engineers, management and end-users with the data they need, while providing a list of powerful features that enables the users to interact with the data the way that suits them, with the option to share and collaborate with other users. The MIND application will read the required data from a myriad of repositories, analyze, and then display this information in a simple and smart fashion to facilitate key business and operations decisions.

Our solution provides an easy to use, all-encompassing application that will have separate modules for:

  • Reading real-time and historic data
  • Displaying data in various methods including graphics, trends, and tables
  • Performing data analytics
  • Generating reports

Main attributes of our solution:

  • The solution is a single web-based application taking advantage of the latest advancements in software technologies
  • The application relies heavily on proven business intelligence and data analytics, while keeping to a minimum the amount of custom development required
  • The application boasts a User-friendly GUI allowing users access at their fingertips to the most valuable information in real-time
  • The application is modular and will be designed to be easily enhanced or maintained in the future

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