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About Us

About Us

Crucial Solutions and Services (CSS) prides itself as being one of the most advanced solutions provider in the GCC and greater MENA region. We offer cutting edge technologies and the latest innovations along with our professional services to a broad range of clients in the region.

Since 2006 we have partnered with international organizations from around the world to build a portfolio of turn-key offerings. The sectors we focus on generally fall under heavy industry, such as Oil and Gas, Petrochemical, and Power and Water customers. Within those business sectors we differentiate ourselves with top notch engineering applications that deal with issues such as data automation, real-time dashboards, advanced analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, performance optimization, process efficiency, and business intelligence.

Our local team of engineers and experts are well trained on the various technology offerings and assist clients from the consultation phase through engineering, design, and deployment.

CSS provides its clients with the latest IT Solutions and Services in the areas of Network Infrastructure, Security, Communications, Wireless, Storage, Enterprise Solutions and IT Outsourcing.



CSS provides game-changing services and technological solutions to clients looking to optimize their efficiency, enhance business growth, and maximize their profits.


To become the trusted partner of our clients and make a positive impact on their organization, our industry, and our community.


We built our culture around technological services and solutions that can impact businesses on a large scale.


CSS strives to maintain a successful relationship with each client, and commitment ensures a long-lasting relationship built on mutual trust.


CSS handles sensitive information and confidential data regularly. Therefore, a culture of privacy, confidentiality and ethics permeates our company, to attain and maintain our clients’ utmost respect and confidence.


CSS thrives on creativity, ingenuity and continuous improvement. We seek innovations and ideas that can enhance our clients’ businesses and lead them to success.