Crucial Solutions & Services


OSIsoft PI
System Services

Crucial Solutions and Services prides itself as being one of the most advanced PI System solutions and services provider in the GCC and greater MENA region. CSS has OSIsoft accredited PI System Team whose aim is to help our customers achieve their business goals and success. CSS has expertise in the various PI services and serve customers in different industries: oil and gas, manufacturing, power and water, chemicals, food and beverages, Minerals and Metals, Pharmaceuticals…

Below is a list of the various PI services provided by CSS:

  PI System Architecture Design
  PI System Installation and Configuration

  Technical Support Services
  Custom Application

Software &
Application Development

CSS offers software & application development services which is a process of several activities like designing, testing, programming, planning, bug fixing & more, which allow development & maintenance of an application or software. Our goal is to help the customers keeping up to the latest technologies and shaping the big data situation for years to come.
CSS has an expert team of accredited people who is dedicated and devoted to develop Web-based Desktop and Mobile applications that will have a broad spectrum of impact on the day-to day activities and strategic decision making of our clients.

PI Developer

One scope of our services consists of the PI system data integration with the applications, systems and tools across the enterprise using the latest PI developer technologies like PI SDK, PI Web APIs, PI OLEDB kits… At CSS, we believe that data is fundamental and a critical requirement for custom applications and other business systems. PI Developer Technologies covers a wide range of use cases in various environments, programming languages, operating systems and infrastructures.

Web Applications
on top of PI

If your requirements go beyond PI capabilities, our certified technical team ensures that all your requirements will be attained by developing customer applications that fit your enterprise challenges. Once the data has all been gathered, and the end-user requirements defined, our application will be built on top of PI data or any data historian and will be customized upon your needs.

Technical Support

Customer support is very essential to CSS as it helps us to be deeply engaged with our customers by assisting them and solving their problems. Our aim is to make our customers successful in their business and reduce their cost by solving their challenges and issues in a quick and professional manner. Support includes assistance in planning, installation, training, troubleshooting, maintenance, upgrading, and disposal of a product.
Our time for response is dependent on the SLA agreement with the customer and we are working on improving our support site by having use cases and references for common issues.


Crucial Solutions and Services (CSS) is a trusted advisor and consultant in many fields of information technology and industrial automation. As companies adopt digital transformation initiatives on the Industrial Revolution 4.0 highway, they need guidance on best practices for big data, data analytics, business intelligence, cloud solutions, and more.
CSS is ready to support you on any of the
below initiatives:

  Predictive Maintenance
  Big Data Analytics
  Real-time Information Systems

  Cloud-based Solutions
  Business Intelligence Applications
  Mobile Dashboards